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JobsReach helps employers quickly fill job vacancies with qualified candidates, saving money by avoiding staffing agencies, job boards, and ATS.

Why JobsReach?

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How does JobsReach work?

Define precise job requirements using AI Broadcast to wider audience using Social media and diverse channels Target and attract candidates with relevant opportunities Successful qualified job applications Hire ideal candidates without middleman or intermediaries, save cost up to 90%

What makes the JobsReach platform unique

Easy Workflow

Finding Suitable candidates with relevant opportunities

Eliminate middleman or staffing agencies

♦ JobsReach simplifies talent acquisition using AI and social media, making it more effective than current manual practices.

♦ It attracts potential candidates to apply for job openings and delivers qualified applicants faster, without needing intermediaries like headhunters.

Social Media Distribution

Social Media Job Ad

♦ Job advertisements will be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook,Pinterest,TikTok and X to reach a wider audience and attract suitable candidates.

♦ Additionally, the job will be posted on LinkedIn for further visibility.


Outreach Ideal Candidates

JobsReach Targeted Job Distribution

♦ JobsReach aims to optimize job vacancy distribution by precisely targeting industry-specific professionals through customized communication channels.

♦ JobsReach facilitates the sharing of job openings with professionals in specific industries, fostering connections, facilitating idea exchange, and supporting career exploration within these communities.

Connecting talents and jobs around the world

Global Job opportunities

♦ JobsReach reaches candidates across the globe with relevant opportunities, attracting ideal applicants for the job vacancies posted by employers on our platform, and makes hiring possible without boundaries.

♦ JobsReach has no limits, connecting with potential applicants from anywhere in the world directly, without intermediaries.


Industry standard recommendations

Salary and Recommendations

♦ JobsReach AI suggests appropriate salary expectations for job vacancies based on company structure and industry similarities.

♦ JobsReach AI assists employers and recruiters in making informed decisions that enhance recruitment efforts and ensure competitiveness in attracting top talent.

Improved Efficiency

Efficient Candidate Screening

♦ JobsReach AI suggests relevant interview questions for job candidates, automating the initial interview process without scheduling.

♦ This helps employers or recruiters filter out mismatched profiles and focus on quality candidates whose answers demonstrate relevant skills and experience.

Easy Workflow

Define Precise requirements

Simplifies Job requirements

♦ JobsReach AI simplifies job requirement creation, enabling recruiters to generate accurate and tailored job descriptions quickly, even without detailed job knowledge.

♦ This improves job postings, attracts suitable candidates, and optimizes recruitment.

Transparency in Job Applications

JobsReach Interview Feedback

♦ JobsReach's feedback feature ensures employers can communicate and provide timely, constructive feedback to candidates at each stage of hiring.

♦ This improves job seekers' views of employers and supports their job search progress.

Easy Workflow

Quick Job Share and ask References

JobsReach Friend invite

♦ JobsReach empowers users to send direct invites to individuals for job opportunities within the platform.

♦ JobsReach Share Job allows you to demonstrate thoughtfulness by sharing appealing job opportunities with friends, family, and colleagues who might be interested but unaware of these openings.